Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ready for sandpaper

I got all the staples out.  There are several moments when building a stripper that are satisfying.  Two of them are when you get all the strips in place, the other is when you get all the staples out.  I used a box and a half.  That's over 1500 staples...
We'll get to sanding next week.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


It's going to take me a year to get all the staples out!   I'm just going to plod along with it.  I trimmed off the excess wood and it actually looks like a boat.   I also found a new feature on my camera.  I kind of knew it was there but I never tried it...  Doesn't work here so someone let me know if it works out there... supposed to be a video file.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Stripping is done

I finished up with the strips.  Now the hard work starts.  Getting all those staples out.  I used a box and a half.  Each box holds 1250 staples.  We used 5 1x6x8 cedar boards.  I cut the strips about 3/16 inch.  I got about 19 stripes from each board.  I got 7 left over.  You do the math!...

After the staples I'll use the router with a straight cutting blade to trim the overhangs.  Then sanding.

                                                  This is what they do around here for fun...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost there

Between the Alberg, the Shelley, and Griff, I'm spread thin.  I got more sticks on Griff but I ran out of staples and glue.    Looks like it will take one more stick of cedar from Lowe's to finish the deck.  The sticks standing up are acting as wedges.  That's where I ran out of staples.

Note to self:  Don't put your finger right under where you shoot the staple in.  It makes for little dots of blood all over the wood.