Monday, March 31, 2014

Mast step

Finally, we are getting some nice weather. The yard is a swamp and getting to the shed is like walking through it.  I did get the mast step built.  I used the peg leg from the Abbott.  As you can see in the pix, Griff is a lower boat. That leg sits flush with the Abbott deck. We'll have to put them next to each other to see how much difference there is.   Also put the tiller on the rudder just to see how that worked.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I got the face coaming installed using the old school way.  I used glue and screws.  I think this method is more appropriate for this boat than epoxy.  Also found a tiller.  It was attached to an old weather beaten rudder that came with the boat.  It cleaned up well.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

More frames

Slow day here in Delaware.  First fairly warm day in quite some time.  Problem is it's pouring rain.  I used the old deck coaming frames as a pattern for the new ones.  I had a chunk of 1/4 inch ply laying around.  It was the Christmas tree base or train platform.  It's now part of the boat.  The frames that came out has spacers on the bottom side glued in between the deck frames.  I figured that they were for a screwing plate for the inner coaming/splash board. I'll make spacers and install them later. That's all I did today.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Frames part III

I finally glued in the deck frames.  I used Titebond II wood glue.   On other boats I've used thickened resin.  I have used this wood glue on other projects and always liked the results.  It dries fast, is waterproof, and is just as strong as the epoxy.  When the glue dries, pulling it apart only breaks the wood not the joint.  Going to do this on all the boat projects from now on.  It's cheaper and you get the same results.

This is the rudder I'm going to use.  I wonder how much flack I'll take since it's not a barn door rudder like
the other vintage boats use...  

  Turnbuckles.  I ordered them from  1/4 of the price from a local sailboat store in Annapolis.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frames part II

I solved the mismatch problem with the frame supports.  Operator has a short circuit between the headphones.  I used the old deck coaming to align the new frames.  I saved the old part and had to glue it back together with hot glue.  Worked good.  I'm ready to glue these guys in.  I'm going to put the center traveler back in the boat.  It's not original but it was in the boat when I got her.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This was a good weekend.  I spent Saturday working on the Alberg 30 and Sunday on Grff.  It is quite interesting that the projects on both boats are similar except on the Alberg things are 5 times bigger!

I got all the frames cut out and fitted on the boat.  Frames 1, 2, and 3 are the original.  Frames 4 thu 8 and 10 are new,   9 is rebuilt.  I put the coaming in just to see if I was in the ballpark.  Things are looking good.

It also pays to have a bunch of clamps.

There is one interesting thing.  I matched all of the frame supports and put them back in order.  I have three left over with no visible place for them.  I also have four spaces where frame supports go but nothing fits.   This is going to take a bit to sort out.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Finally got back outside today.  We have had a nasty winter.  Cold, snow, wind, and then on top of that just nasty weather!  There is something wrong with climate change deniers.  It's 60 degrees outside right now and tonight they are predicting 15 degrees with 6-10 inches of more snow.

With that, I got the fiberglass done inside the boat to fix the longitudinal cracks in the bottom.  I sanded and cleaned up as best I could and then painted the bow section black.  I thought that would look good.  The next thing was to paint the rest of the inside of the boat.  I chose a teal green because I'm keeping the hull color which is a dark teal green.  The reason you don't see the black is because I sprayed it green.  I should have done all black first. The green covered much better in the bow that the rest of the boat.  First coat on.  I'll get to the second coat next week when the new snow melts...

The third picture is the cockpit coaming.  I'm stripping that back to wood.  It has about 10 coats of paint on it. 

Along with the paint I installed the new CB trunk.  The old trunk had been moved aft about 8 inches.  I put this one back in the original location.  It's now in the same location as the Abbott.

 It's a few days later and I got the coaming just about sanded and ready for varnish.