Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm Back!

I took about a year off this project mainly because last year I received a commission to build a moth for a fellow in New York.  That took most of  last winter.  I also built two 8 foot prams along the way.   Last I left Griff she had the deck done but it was rough.   I sanded the entire deck with the belt sander just to knock down the uneven spots.  I then went over the entire boat with 60 grit on the orbital sander.  The next process was to fill in any cracks and voids with Rockhard wood putty.  That stuff is great.  The next process is fiberglass but right before that I'm going to stain the deck with red mahogany.  Give the boat the old school look that she needs.

                                                          The two dinks in the background.

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