Saturday, April 30, 2016

Almost done

Got some varnish on the topsides and some paint on the interior and transom.  Got the floorboards installed.  I glassed the back side of the floorboards to make them stiffer.  I also got the sheet block installed and both of the mounting points for the hiking strap.   In these old boats the strap was usually mounted across the boat anchored on the deck supports.  The supports in this boat are not strong enough for that so I devised a different way.  I mounted a block to the keel and then the eye strap onto that.  The other end is right below the sheet block.

I finally figured out how to attache the gudgeons and traveler without a helper.  I put the boat upside down on the top rack of the trailer.  I could then stand up and get under the back deck. I used a vice grip to hold the captive nut while I tightened it with a screwdriver.  Last part was the rudder lock.  I made that out of a small chainplate.

And lastly, a centerboard for Griff. This board has a big 11 1/4 inch chord.  Big boards for a vintage boat.

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