Saturday, February 1, 2014

Centerboard trunk

I finally got back  to the shed today.  The last two weeks the weather was just unbearable cold to do anything.  So I started slow.  I mocked up a CB trunk.  The boat had a modified trunk that did not fit the boat.  It was elongated at the top so that the board could move from side to side.  I guess there was some engineering to that but it escaped me.  The position of this board is also up for discussion.  I can see the original front position of the trunk but more work needs to be done to actually set this one.  More on that later.  The long fwd support will eventually mate with the deck at the splashboard.  The plywood came courtesy of George A.   I found it on his front porch...

I had some more time today so I glued up the CB trunk.   The  inside has two coats of resin. The exterior supports are glued on with Titebond II yellow glue and the box is glued with thickened epoxy.

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