Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deck frames

It's too cold to work!   I was in the shed with coat, gloves and whatever...  Temp here is still below freezing and I'm just not up for that anymore... We had more snow yesterday.  
While freezing I started to take off the frames that I thought needed to be replaced.  At first I thought I could get by with taking off one side and then make two of them but that ended quickly with each frame having a bevel on it.  I also thought I could clean up most of them and reuse.  As I was taking them apart they started crumbling in my
hands.  So we need to make all new deck frames from # 4 back.  The first 3 appear to be ok.  That has been my observation on the other vintage boats I've done. The fwd 2 or 3 frames usually are in good shape.   
Along with the boat several parts came with it.  I cleaned up one of the rudders and it turns out to be mahogany.  Griff will like this one.

                                      The pile of frames I have to work with.


  1. After cleaning up the interior, will you repaint it or go with varnish?

    1. Depends on what it looks like after it cleans up. I was thinking about brown paint.