Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cedar strips

A few weeks ago I got some cedar from Lowe's .  Whenever I'm in the store I visit there cedar rack.  They usually have a full selection of boards in most sizes.  I look through the 6 inch wide pile and pull out all the best sticks.  I look for minimum knots ans good color.  I  usually find one or two great boards.  An 8 footer costs about 12 bucks.    That's compared to a specialty lumber store that has clear cedar for about 4 bucks a foot.  That comes to about 32 bucks for the same lumber.  When it's cut up into strips you can't see the difference.  The two boards gave me about 38 strips.  I cut them 4 mil thick.  I'll probably need two more sticks. I'm going to butt join the strips.  Not going to do bead and cove.  The curve is shallow, not like a canoe where you need the bead and cove to make the tight curve.


  1. Are you going to glass both sides and then bond to the frames?

    1. Nope, I think that is overkill. The cedar that came off the boat didn't have any glass and it lasted over 65 years. I'll paint the inside and use 4oz glass on the outside doubled up on the sitting area.