Sunday, January 19, 2014

Griff is a mess

I did more demo and some clean up.  It's clear to me that this boat sat upside down for a number of years and the weather got to the inside of the boat.  All the frames are rotted.  I'm going to have to replace just about everyone of them.   If I had to rank this boat on it's initial condition I'd put it at #2 right behind the Abbott.   The Abbott came from a trash pile.  Griff was not too far behind.   I also cut out the CB case.  Someone added that along the way and moved it about 6 inches to the rear.  Or maybe just cut off the front 6 inches of a bigger box.  I'll put in a traditional case that's appropriate to the boat.

                         My second favorite tool!  Right after the belt sander!!!

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