Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This blog is about the restoration of a vintage Moth boat named Griff.
I acquired this boat from the widow of  fellow mothboater  Bill Schill.  Bill passed away last year and his wife asked if the mothboat gang wanted his boats.

Griff is a Ventnor look-a-like.  I don't have too much detail other than she was made in the late 1940's and is  # 868.     The boat is plank built both deck and hull.  I am going to restore only the deck.  I think the bottom is sound.  More on that later. 
Several options are available for the deck.  I could replank with cedar, I could use Ocume plywood, or cedar strips.   This boat is telling me she wants cedar strips.  I like working with strips as I've built several cedar stripped canoes. 


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