Saturday, March 22, 2014

Frames part III

I finally glued in the deck frames.  I used Titebond II wood glue.   On other boats I've used thickened resin.  I have used this wood glue on other projects and always liked the results.  It dries fast, is waterproof, and is just as strong as the epoxy.  When the glue dries, pulling it apart only breaks the wood not the joint.  Going to do this on all the boat projects from now on.  It's cheaper and you get the same results.

This is the rudder I'm going to use.  I wonder how much flack I'll take since it's not a barn door rudder like
the other vintage boats use...  

  Turnbuckles.  I ordered them from  1/4 of the price from a local sailboat store in Annapolis.

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