Sunday, March 2, 2014


Finally got back outside today.  We have had a nasty winter.  Cold, snow, wind, and then on top of that just nasty weather!  There is something wrong with climate change deniers.  It's 60 degrees outside right now and tonight they are predicting 15 degrees with 6-10 inches of more snow.

With that, I got the fiberglass done inside the boat to fix the longitudinal cracks in the bottom.  I sanded and cleaned up as best I could and then painted the bow section black.  I thought that would look good.  The next thing was to paint the rest of the inside of the boat.  I chose a teal green because I'm keeping the hull color which is a dark teal green.  The reason you don't see the black is because I sprayed it green.  I should have done all black first. The green covered much better in the bow that the rest of the boat.  First coat on.  I'll get to the second coat next week when the new snow melts...

The third picture is the cockpit coaming.  I'm stripping that back to wood.  It has about 10 coats of paint on it. 

Along with the paint I installed the new CB trunk.  The old trunk had been moved aft about 8 inches.  I put this one back in the original location.  It's now in the same location as the Abbott.

 It's a few days later and I got the coaming just about sanded and ready for varnish.

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